Idea ID: 2841029

Automated Issue Checking when Purging

Status: New Idea

Currently, if a file version is associated with an issue and that file version is purged, it will continue to be a part of any issues with which that file version is associated, but will not be present in the stream. This can cause the Issue to become "incomplete", but without any obvious method in the issue display to detect such missing files.

It would be helpful if, when a file version is being purged, AccuRev were to check whether that file version is associated with an issue, and present some kind of display to confirm the revert, and/or to provide a facility to remove associations between that file version and issues that would remain active at the stream level.

  • Related: The "Revert" Action in the GUI (== purge) really should offer the ability to enter a comment.

    I think this is related, because it seems the `purge` implementation from the GUI is "too simplistic"?

    The CLI purge command both offers a -I switch for the issue and also the normal -c comment switch.