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Easier handling of changes associated with "wrong" issues

Status: Needs Clarification

Needs Clarification

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Sometimes file changes get associated with the wrong issue, and it isn't obvious to my users how to reassociate a specific file version with the right issue after having been assigned to the wrong issue. Some kind of facility to, when removing a file version from a change package, allow the user to select the right issue as part of the same interaction would make the "cleanup" of inappropriately broad change packages markedly easier.

Maybe a contextual menu option similar to "Remove" in the Issue "Changes" tab, but with "Move to <other issue>" or something similar.

  • accurev cpkmove --WrongIssue #  --NewIssue #  /./this/file/on/wrong/Issue.c

    ... this looks OK to me, however:

    • I think it would be important to allow multiple files at once, possibly be their eid
    • Possibly instead of a file, you want to specify a transaction number.

    Use case:

    Promote was done with the wrong Issue. n elements are affected. Most efficient way would be to specify the transaction (that was associated with the cpkadd) to move to another issue.

    So in the GUI this would mean being able to do a "cpkmove" from the Change Package History view as well as from the file view.

  • In the GUI, similar to "Send to Issue..." would a GUI command such as "Move to Issue.." work in this case?

    From the command line, something like the below.

    accurev cpkmove --WrongIssue #  --NewIssue #  /./this/file/on/wrong/Issue.c

    would these options work?

    Do you have any specific Use Cases?

  • I think this is an excellent idea.

    I think when I remove a file from a Change Package, there's a 99% chance I want to add that same file to another CPK instead.