Idea ID: 2853607

Exposure of streams in which an Issue is active to Issue Queries

Status: New Idea

There are various places in the AccuRev GUI Client where lists/tables of Issues are presented, and I do not know of any such lists/tables that allow configuration of what columns are displayed. My lead/management users who are responsible for reviewing Issues which have been promoted to the "release" level of their stream families have no way to review specific fields that are not part of this list of columns without opening up each individual issue in such a list, browsing to the appropriate tab, and reviewing the contents of the desired field.

If the Issue Query interface allowed for the stream(s) in which an Issue is active to be a point of data to check when running a query, the user could then display whatever columns they wish, making it very easy to have reusable queries that could (for example) show the contents (if any) of the "Log" or "Review" fields in <stream name here> without revealing those fields in every list of issues, most of the time being irrelevant information.