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Hide/prevent/revert "sync" operation

Status: New Idea

I have been told that the git 'sync' operation performs a "refresh"-like operation that ensures that a local repository mirrors an "upstream" repository... essentially acting like the "update" mechanism in workspaces. For some of my users who are coming from a git background, when they see an "out of date" stream display, the "sync" button seems like a reasonable option to "refresh" the view (if they see it before the proper "Refresh" button).

One of my users clicked the Sync button, clicked through the confirmation dialog, and as a result we have several change packages which were reverted from that stream, each having several files which we are now in process of attempting to recover. This simple (and easily performed) mistake is causing my team lots of pain in attempting to recover.

It seems to me that a "sync" operation should be fairly rare to perform, and/or the process to perform it could (should?) be much more involved and/or verbose to ensure that low-tier users can't/won't unintentionally cause significant changes to take place to the contents of a stream. Alternatively, a facility to "un-sync" in such a case would make such a situation much more recoverable.

  • I upvoted this and will chime in on this "Sync" related idea here, although the other 4 ideas wrt. Sync show that there seems to be more to do wrt. this.

    In essence: "Hide/... "sync" operation" is what I need as well. At two points in the GUI:

    • PLEASE, can we opt out of the automatic Sync Wizard that pops up when we change the time base? It's horrible to tell the users "just always press Cancel"!
    • And the [Sync] Button on the Streams is also not necessary for us.