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INspecting Changes: "There is no basis for this change ... Do you want to view this" needs to go!

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[v 7.6]

When I inspect Issue Changes in the GUI, for each file that is "new", I will get a popup:

There is no basis for this change -- version KSTools_ksbuild_Work_manfred.wallner/2
contains the entire contents. Do you want to view this
version of the element?

I understand why this comes, after all I clicked on [Diff] and there is nothing to diff.

But this is pretty useless!


  • Remember my first choice and than just open the editor
  • Open the Diff Tool anyway, but with the left side empty

I just had to click this 13 times ... this is just not good.

Also: The Context Menu [view] on the [Changes] Tab of an issue is grayed out when selecting multiple files. I'd consider that a bug.