Idea ID: 2872205

Modernize Accurev SSL/TLS support

Status: New Idea

We use accurev over non-ssl in-house and want to *transition* to SSL.

This is a pretty mess, because Accurev does not support running SSL and non-SSL in parallel.

(Ref: Case  02112639-Is it possible to run SSL/non SSL in parallel? )

The way things stand now, we will have to upgrade the server and all clients (and build nodes!) in sync to use SSL, because we cannot pre-enable SSL on the server nor can we pre-rollout the certificates on the clients, since the SSL mode is exclusive.

Also, we cannot leverage the Windows Certificate Repo / cert chaining, because accurev only supports client side file cert's.

Is there any chance that you could support either server-side parallel mode or client side parallel mode (maybe add an option to acclient.cnf to allow both ssl and non-ssl for a specific server (i.e. an option that if a cert is present and the server is non-SSL still allow connection.)) of SSL?