Idea ID: 2810439

Request to add built-in markdown viewer to AccuRev client

Status: Accepted

This is targeted for AccuRev 7.6.

See status update history

We are exploring the use of markdown to define documents that exist with our source
(for example, build procedures). We want to use markdown because we can use AccuRev
diff to compare changes to documents. In addition to the diff, it would be
benefical to have a built-in markdown viewer accessible from the AccuRev UI so the
final document could be viewed.

Design Detail:
Only design request is for the markdown viewer to be built-in to AccuRev similar
to merge / diff tools.


  • Targeted for AccuRev 7.6 - Example screen snap below.  Markdown source from

  • Clarification: In thinking about this further, I believe a file preview window would be a good addition, and this markdown view could be part of it. If the file were markdown (.md) it should render it properly (bold, headings, italics, underlines).  IMHO, this should be a horizontal split with the file list in the Workspace (or Stream) explorer view of workspaces and streams.

    When directory within a workspace or stream is first opened and if there is a readme file, it should be the first to populate the file preview window.  If a file in the list is selected, the file preview should then render that file.  I think the main two types that should be supported are text and markdown.  Other file types could be added, but these two would fit my workflow.  Binary files could simply say "Binary file, preview not supported".

    Lastly, this should be a layout option.  Some may not want the screen space taken by it.  Also, the option should be separate for streams and workspaces due to the difference in load time between the two.  If the view is changed (e.g. select a directory, select a different view, etc.) the process should abort and start over as necessary.  It should not slow down the relatively tedious process of digging through the file tree.

  • Have you tried setting via the GUI under Tools -> Preferences -> Diff/Merge to use a markdown viewer?  Details are in the AccuRevRegistered CLI User’s Guide under "diff", "merge" and "ENV_VARS"


    I'm I misunderstanding the request?