Move aside directory not usable, invalid cross-device link


You may received one of the below two new error messages when updating a workspace immediately after upgrading to AccuRev 4.8

1. Move aside directory not usable, invalid cross-device link


2. Move aside directory not usable, the system cannot move the file to a different disk drive

Problem Statement:
V4.8 addresses a pre-existing issue around failed updates where a namespace swap caused update failures. This was because AccuRev was unable to move files into a temporary location (because of file permission settings) during the update.

This could lead to failures midway through the update and left workspaces in an inconsistent state. There is now a check being performed at the beginning of the workspace update by moving a test file into the location specified in the ac_temp_map.txt file or ac_tmp_map, which is located in the user's .accurev directory.

If AccuRev cannot move the test file into the location your update will fail immediately. Prior to 4.8 the update would have failed only if you hit the specific namespace swap issue during your update. As we have introduced this check in 4.8 you are more likely to run into the failed update if you have a location in the map file that we cannot move our test file into.


1) If you encounter one of these messages you can simply delete the ac_temp_map.txt or ac_tmp_map located in the users .accurev directory and then rerun the update. Accurev will recreate that file and specify a location to write those temporary files to.

2) Another alternative would be to delete those files after upgrading to 4.8. However, please note that not everyone will run into this message after upgrading, only those who have an entry in the map file that we cannot move a file to.

If you still receive this message after deleting the ac_temp_map.txt or ac_tmp_map then the temp file location that we are attempting to use more than likely does have a permission problem or restriction that needs to be resolved so we may move files to that location.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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