Memory leak when diffing or merging large files.


When diffing or merging large files, AccuRev consumes a lot of memory.

This is a defect with Java where the memory used to diff/merge isn't returned when the commands complete. The defect # is 5582.

There are a few workarounds to resolve this issue:

1. Terminate the AccuRev application when you start to consume large amounts of memory.

2. Use a different diff/merge utility than AccuRev.

3. If you wish to use the AccuRev?s diff/merge utility, but do not want to close the
AccuRev application every 3-5 diffs/merges, you can perform the following.

For Diffs:
File -> Preference -> Diff -> Other
Enter the value: acdiffgui %1% %2%

For Merges:
File -> Preference -> Merge -> Select "Other"
Enter the value: acdiffgui %1% %a% %2% -M %o%

Now when you perform a diff/merge, you only will need to close the diff/merge GUI and not the AccuRev application itself.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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