Does AccuRev support MacOS X?


Does AccuRev support Mac OS X? There's no information under the download section on your website.

Currently, Mac OS X is not officially supported as a download. Although this is a beta install, it is fully functional. There are some java inconsistencies when compared to Unix/Linux or Windows (some of the buttons are in reverse order as an example). Also, currently we only support workspaces on a Unix Files System (UFS). We do not have support for the Mac HFS file system.

To download a copy of the install, use this link:
AccuRev 3.3.1
AccuRev 3.5.1
AccuRev 3.5.5
AccuRev 3.7
AccuRev 3.7.1
AccuRev 3.8.1

For more information please contact AccuRev Support."

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