Updating reference trees stored on a mapped drive with the update_ref t


Using the update_ref trigger to update reference trees stored on a mapped drive fail with the following entry in the trigger.log file.

Workspace directory on <host> not accessible from this machine.
Workspace not found: <ref tree name>

This problem occurs with programs started up via the services feature in Windows. If you have an application that starts up through the services utility, these applications do not see any mounted drives.

To workaround this issue, you can do the following:

1. Stop the AccuRev service.
2. cd into <accurev install dir>/bin
3. Run the command 'accurev_server.exe console'

This starts AccuRev in an application mode which is able to see the mounted drives.

You will need to keep the terminal window open, as soon as you close it, you are shutting down AccuRev.

Also, it is recommended to change the AccuRev service property to startup manually instead of automatically, this way when you reboot your server it wont startup the AccuRev service.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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