Name already exists in backing stream


The following error is generated when promoting elements into a stream.

" already exists in backing stream..."

What does this mean?

This message usually indicates that there are two completely separate file elements in the same directory with the same name. This is sometimes referred to as 'evil twins'. Since one of those elements has already been promoted into the stream, you can't promote your element to the same stream since that name is already in use.

Two examples of how you can get into this state.

1. If two users add the same _named_ element to different workspaces while working in parallel, each person is able to add the file since it is not in conflict (yet). At this point, both elements have the same name, but different element ids (EID). The first person is able to promote the file to the common backing stream but the second person cannot and receives the above error.

2. An element was defunct and promoted to the backing stream and the same name element was added and promoted into the backing stream and then you try to promote that into its backing stream.

To validate that these are 'evil twins', execute the following command on the element in your workspace versus the element in the stream.

Workspace level:
accurev stat -fe <element name>

Stream level:
accurev stat -s <stream name> -fe <element name>

You can compare the element_ID and see if they match.

For the first example, you will need to:
1. Rename the kept file that cannot be promoted.
2. Update the workspace to get the file from the backing stream.
3. Edit the updated file, copy the contents of the renamed file into it.
4. Keep and promote.
5. Defunct the renamed file and promote that to the backing stream.

For the second example, you will need to:
1. Rename the conflicting element in your workspace.
2. Promote that rename to where the conflict is at the stream level.
3. Move a workspace off the stream where the conflict occurred.
4. Undefunct the name of the element that caused the problem.
5. Edit the element you just undefunct and copy the contents of the renamed element into it.
6. Keep and promote.
7. Defunct the renamed file and promote that to the backing stream.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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