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Can i see everything assigned to me across projects

As a developer can I see everything assigned to me across a) projects and b) releases within a single a project within Agile Manager

  • Hi,

    I  saw your post of this question.  I am responding now because I was waiting for responses.   I was hoping for a response from HPE.  It doesn't look like they look at this forum. 

    I am not a developer but I am aware of what an API can do.  I have been told that this is possible using an API.

    Also, When I attended a recent conference I met with an HPE Product Manager.  He indicated that a Shared Workspace capability is being looked at to be implemented in an upcoming version of AGM.  My understanding is that it will allow view type reporting of all of the workspaces because the Shared Workspace sit above them.  I have been asking for a schedule of when this capability will be available but have heard nothing yet.



  • Cross Workspace reporting is indeed part of our roadmap, as previously mentioned in the thread.

    You can create such custom reports or dashboard using the available AGM APIs