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Release Notes: Agile Manager 2.57 SaaS update (November 5, 2017)

Information about Agile Manager SaaS releases is available online in the Agile Manager Help Online

This update includes the following features and enhancements:


  • You can now add a Read Only Lane column in the Release Backlog and Product Backlog. You can sort and group the display according to lane.

Task Board and Storyboard

  • On the Task Board, a user story’s Application is now displayed in the user story tooltip.
  • On the Task Board, you can now view a task’s history. Right-click a task and select Show History.
  • Cards on the Storyboard can now be colored according to theme.


  • A new API unique resource, kanban_statuses, returns Kanban Statuses according to team ID. For each status, the status ID, name, and the mapped backlog item status are returned. For example, you can use this resource to get the Kanban status name for the Kanban status ID that was returned for a backlog item.
  • A new API unique resource, action_items, returns sprint closure action items.


  • NextGen Synchronizer emails now always contain the tenant ID (site ID) In addition to the workspace.

Fixed Defects

  • In the Feature Board, filtering by Application didn’t work as expected if a user was assigned to only one application, or if some features were not assigned an application.
  • If you tried to replace an existing attachment, the new attachment was added in addition to the existing one.
  • Importing from an excel file containing defects and user stories imported both types of items even you wanted to import only one.
  • The Scope Change Report widget didn’t show any information when configured to show data for ALL teams.
  • A backlog item’s Modified and Last Modified fields were not updated when certain changes were made to the item.
  • When breaking a user story, the resulting group story’s story points are now set to the sum of the story points its child stories. Note: If the child stories’ story points change after this, the group story’s story points are not updated.
  • Additional security and user interface improvements.