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Release Notes: Agile Manager 2.54 (03-July-2016)

Hide irrelevant releases in release lists and filters

If you have many releases defined in Agile Manager, the lists of releases to choose from can get quite long. As a Workspace Administrator, you can now shorten these lists by hiding specific releases.

To hide a release, deactivate it: In the Workspace > Releases configuration area, select the release and clickDeactivate.

Deactivating a release does not delete or hide any release-related data, and can be easily reversed by selecting the release and clicking Activate.

Deactivated releases are still available for selection in the Release columns in the Product Backlog or Defect Management areas.


When splitting a user story, keep it linked to the new user story

When you split a user story, a link is automatically created between the original user story and the new one.

View the Sprint column in the Product Backlog > Backlog grid (read only)

On the Product Backlog > Backlog page, you can now add the Sprint column to the grid.

This column enables you to see the sprint values assigned to each backlog item.

To update values in this column and assign backlog items to sprints, open the Release Management area.

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Fixed defects

- SaaS incident SD00189554: Enable collapsing StoryBoard cards after you expand them.

- SaaS Incident: IM00155603 SD00176689 Fixed the issue where not all information was copied when splitting user stories.

- SaaS Incident: IM00122886, SD00142001, SD00186872 – If you need to customize the the email address that Agile Manager uses as the sender when sending emails, contact your Agile Manager SaaS administrator. SaaS administrators can now define this address. 

- Added an audit record for release deletion.