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Release Notes: Agile Manager 2.56 (4-December-2016)

Information about Agile Manager SaaS releases is available online in the Agile Manager Help Online

The following features and enhancements were added in version 2.56.

Configure swim lanes in the Storyboard

You can now set up the storyboard to display rows, or swim lanes, that represent the items' features or the users they are assigned to. You can then drag items from one swim lane to another, thereby updating the item's Feature or Assigned to field.

View change history for a task

In a backlog item, click Show History on a task to review changes made to this task after it was created. Filter the records according to the user who made changes, or a changed field.

Only changes made in October 2016 or later are available. Changes made beforehand are not reflected in the task history.

Print backlog items from backlog grids

In grids that display backlog items, print all the user stories and defects that match the current filter. The printout includes the main information about each item. For example, ID, name, description, feature, and so on. 

Make a copy of a backlog item

In any grid displaying backlog items, right-click a user story or a defect and select Copy Item.

The newly created item is an exact copy of the original item, with a new ID, a modified name, and with Statusset to New. Required fields are not enforced when an item is created using Copy Item.

View task names in the timesheet report

The timesheet report now includes task names in addition to task IDs.

ALI now supports TFS 2015

When configuring ALI for your release, you can define TFS 2015 as your SCM provider or build server.

TFS 2012 is no longer supported as an SCM repository.