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reuse (call-to feature) same manual test with different parameter values

Hello everyone,

we're using the call-to feature to invoke Manual Tests like Login, Logout and so on. The problem is that when the test is called twice, the parameters cannot be set differently because the names of the parameters are the same. Is it possible to call the same test twice and fill it with different parameter values?

For example:

Test script

Call: Login -> Do something -> Call: Logout -> Call: Login -> Do something else ....

Workaround so far: Duplicate the test to be called and rename the parameters using an index (param<1>).

  • Personally I don't see a better workaround at the moment, but will be happy to learn otherwise. :)

    If you like, I think it would be a great Idea suggestion - "when calling a test, be able to choose which parameter to use for each called test parameter".

    Then you could have username1, username2, password1, password2 in the data table and use them like this: 

    Call: Login <user=username1, password=password1>
    Call: Login <user=username2, password=password2>

    What do you think? Would this help?

    Yael Peisachov

    OpenText ValueEdge and ALM Octane Functional Architect