Issue while trying to link a run to a defect with a run/step already linked to it

I would like some input on how to solve this issue I am facing with Octane API.

Scenario :

I have a Defect that is linked to a manual test run.

The manual test also has a step so the defect is linked to the run and the (single) step in the run.

Now when I try to update my defect (through the Octane API) with new field values and a new run (from the same manual test), I keep getting "delete_indirect_defect" error code.

If i remove the run part from the body then the update is successful. However I need to link the new run to the defect.

Things that work :

1) If I try to do the same using the UI, it is working correctly. No errors.

2) If the original manual run has the defect linked only to the run not the step, then I am able to link more runs to the defect.