Feature file name is not being updated in Octane

I have set up TeamCity and Octane so that the Gherkin tests can be started in Octane and after the job runs, the results are also showed in Octane. This was working well and I could start the jobs over the pipeline or over a test suite. When starting through the test suite, the names of the feature files were sent to TeamCity in the parameter "testsToRun".

Recently, I changed the names of a few feature files. I ran the corresponding tests from TeamCity and saw their results in Octane. However, the names of the files haven't been updated in Octane. This is visible when I start the tests from a test suite: the names that land in TeamCity in "testsToRun" are still the old ones. The script itself is updated in Octane with the content of the newest (renamed) feature files.

How can I ensure that Octane updates the names of the feature files?