Dashboard showing Estimated v's Invested Hours

Good afternoon all, 

Apologies for what is possibly a simple question, but I have been trying to get this sorted for a few days and I'm finally admitting defeat. 

I am setting up a reporting dashboard and have everything I need so far, BUT, I am looking to create a graph that shows 'Estimated Hours' and 'Invested Hours'.

The challenge seems to be getting both to show in the same graph for each sprint.

I have created a custom widget and selected the release, current sprint, added filters for Estimated and Invested where they have values greater than zero. 

I created 2 datasets as I didn't seem to be able to just have one that would produce any sort of results at all.  (I have tried lots of variations to set up the data to no avail). 

The following screenshot is the 'display' criteria I set up:

This gives me :


NOTE: The table graph type is the only one that produced any semi useful info.

If I want a bar graph, I only seem to be able to select either Estimated OR Invested, but not both, so that isnt a goer. 

Ultimately, I would like it to look like this: 


NOTE: The above is a screenshot of a velocity graph to illustrate what I am trying to achieve. Slight smile

Is what I am wanting to do even possible in Octane ? Or do I have to show this detail in two graphs, 1 for Estimated hours and another for Invested hours ? 

Thanks for your help. 


  • Hi Daryl,

    Which version of Octane are you using?

    I just created such a widget on a SaaS Production instance of ValueEdge (Octane):

    I created similar data sets to those you shared:

    I selected "Grouped bar chart" graph display type. I didn't see this option in the screen captured you shared so I suspect that your Octane version is older:

    And these are the two metrics I configured. In your screen capture there is no option to add additional metrics so this is another evidence that you are using an older version of Octane.

    Ehud Michelson
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