Ability to define storage location for automated test run results generated from Jenkins Post-build Action "Publish OpenText tests result"

Currently we are using Octane/ValueEdge Cloud Edition in conjunction with UFT One for automated testing (functional, API, unified...).  Our code is stored in a private Git repository and an on-premise Jenkins server pulls everything together using the OpenText Application Automation Tools Plugin.

Run results from all UFT test executions are generated on completion as instructed by the Post-build Action "Publish OpenText tests result".  Once text execution has completed on the agent, the results are generated and moved to the Jenkins server, then the link to those results in available in the Octane/ValueEdge application.

The issue we are facing is that the Jenkins server where the results are being stored currently has access restrictions and most users are not able to view the linked results. 

Some time ago I recall hearing about an option that would allow us to define an alternate location where these results could be sent/stored.  However I am unable to locate any information or details about this option.  

Did this actually get released, and is available currently?

If so, where could I find additional detail in order to understand any related requirements and specifications so as to design a solution accordingly?

If not, is it still on the roadmap?

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  • Thank you for this response.  However Execute OpenText tests from file system is not the option we are using - instead we use Execute tests from ALM Octane (Tech Preview).  I don't see the option to change the location there. 

    Additionally it seems that the option is looking for a local directory, is this the case?  As I need the ability to send these files to a cloud-based location such as Azure or SharePoint.  Most users will not be on the same domain as the Jenkins server and there is a firewall separating them - but both will be able to get out to these external sites.  

  • Hello,

    Execute tests from ALM Octane (Tech Preview) is step that trigger other jobs depending no option selected, and those other jobs should trigger the UFT tests and those should have the option of Execute OpenText tests from file system

    Execute tests from ALM Octane (Tech Preview) will execute pipeline from octane and define subjob(downstream) that will execute test runner of Octane with test from test suite selected input on step , OR it will create suite run of the test suite selected and execute it.

    On both case the CI Job linked to test runner with execute the test and there you should have an option of Execute OpenText tests from file system