ALM Octane upgrade 16.0.400 to 16.1.100 (ELS Maintenace status - in progress)

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ALM Octane upgrade 16.0.400 to 16.1.100 

We have successfully upgraded from version 16.0.400 to 16.1.100. The upgrade process completed without any issues, and the octane version now displays as 16.1.100 for all spaces. with an active status.

However, the ELS maintenance status is currently showing as in progress. i've reviewed the post upgrade jobs, and with the exception of two all jobs have completed successfully. 

The two post upgrade jobs::

Elasticsearch index maintenance

Description:: 9 of 9 - mqm_2z1578oy8k83qikvwl6dr0qkg_tr_run | Starting phase 2 reindex-downtime for index mqm_2z1578oy8k83qikvwl6dr0qkg_tr_run


Description::  Inject tests into the run_history index to support data visibility


If anyone ran in to this type of issue , please share us the resolution.
Note : if i click on the space i see the warning message :: Maintenance is ongoing, disabled features will be back soon.

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    Post upgrade jobs run after upgrade is done on the space. So having an active space on which post upgrade jobs are still running is fine.

    Regarding the two specific jobs you mentioned:

    1. Regarding the "Elasticsearch index maintenance" job:
      1. Bottom line: if the job is still running - please approach customer support, it needs to be resolved. I see you posted yesterday, the job should have been done shortly after it entered phase 2.
      2. Detailed: this job is typically a long running job. It's duration depends on the size of the indexes in the space indexes. However, it mostly does not affect users ability to work with functionality that uses the indexes. It will interfere with users work when the index being maintained (re-indexed) is in phase 2 - downtime. The downtime phase is short by design. In this case, trend graphs on Run entities in this space will not be functional (they will display a message).
    2. Regarding the "Inject tests into the run_history index to support data visibility" job:
      1. Bottom line: this is as expected.
      2. Detailed: the job will start once the "Elasticsearch index maintenance" job is done (or failed). The maintenance job is "exclusive" - it starts when there are no other running jobs and no other jobs can start running while it is running. Specifically in Octane 16.1.100 the inject job is created as part of the maintenance job, but it has to wait for the exclusive job (the maintenance job) to finish.

    Thanks, Neva

  • Thanks for your response.

    The issue is resolved.

    After updating the dbo.background.job table status running to failed. 

    Once the status is updated to failed, reran the post upgrade job.