Login from teamcity to octane unsuccesful


I am making my first steps integrating Teamcity with Octane and processed the basic configuration but when i try to connect I get this message,

The https is not configured on the octane server. How to connect via http from Teamcity?



  • Hello,

    In order to integrate between Team City and octane server it need to have communication from Team City server to Octane server and the connection is done using Java instance that is Team City is running on.

    It seems here that the Team City cannot connected to Octane because that the certificate of Octane server is not found the Java instance the Team City is running on, so Octane is denying the request to connect.

    It need to add the certificate into your Java keystore or to do other action based on your network configuration to allow connectivity from Team City server and octane server, here something I found for import certificate