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Better Git & SCM integration and synchronisation in ALM Octane

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Hello everyone
In my opinion, integrating a code repository and linking the different branches and commits to the corresponding entity is too damn complicated.
I tried it with GitHub and Jenkins, and in both cases it is neither straight forward nor simple to set up the integration with a git repository.
Although scm integration and synchronisation of entities with commits and branches is crucial in my opinion.
What I would like from ALM Octane is to have a separate module for git integration and synchronisation only. No Pipeline needed, no CI server needed, just crawl my git repository and search for the defined patterns in commit messages and branches to link them to the corresponding entity.
Also what is absolutely lacking in current Jenkins and GitHub plugins is proper synchronisation. When a branch or commit is deleted in the repository, the relationship won't be deleted in ALM Octane. You have to delete all related commits and branches by manual labour again, which feels ridiculous to me.
Maybe you feel the same struggle, please upvote :) and @ALMOctane Engineers, please try to convince someone who is sets your tasks to make this a priority: I know you don't want to maintain all the different packages for Github, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Teamcity and so on ;)
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