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Change Mandatory LDAP Mapping Fields, First Name, Last Name, and Email as Optional

Status: Waiting for Votes

Since my company's LDAP version is older. And we use Chinese.So we didn't use these fields, First Name, Last Name.

And the current value of Email is empty.

Below is our LDAP fields which have value.

I'll new another  idea to modify these fields manually.

  •  , thank you for your feedback. We have a related item in our Backlog, but without an ETA.

    I am turning for the idea into Waiting for Votes phase.

  • Hi  

    Thank you for your feedback. The use case is clear and i have added your request to the backlog. please note however that if this will be supported it will only be for on-prem as in SaaS a user must have an email address as part of SaaS user management requirements.

    i will open this request for votes,



    Sigal Ishay

    OpenText ValueEdge and ALM Octane Fuctional Architect

  • Idea Adding users from LDAP -> Field Email is now merged with the current idea on the screen.

    With the user administration of ALM Octane (we have Octane connected to our AD / LDAP), we have been facing a problem for quite some time:

    Our external employees who work for us in-house are generally not allowed to have an email inbox (board decision). And many of these external employees are also supposed to work with ALM Octane. But these users can't be added to Octane by pressing a button (Add users from ldap), because Octane expects that the corresponding user has entered an email address in AD.

    Regarding the LDAP interface, it would be very helpful if ALM Octane could be configured so that the Email field is optional (not mandatory).
    I know that the email address is needed for the notification via email.
    But the possibilty of notifications via email is no must have for us.