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The ability to bulk update all fields

Status: Accepted

Currently, only certain fields can be bulk update.

For example, for the defect entity, we can bulk update these system fields : phase, priority, gravity, detected in release, ...
We can bulk update also some user fields.
But we cannot bulk update these system fields : release, sprint, team, ...

It is very useful to configure the same release on several defects. Same for the team.
Generally, it is very useful to bulk update any fields.

So the need is : could you allow the bulk update for all fields, at least for the defect entity.
Thanks a lot.


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  •  , we currently support the bulk update of fields like program, release, sprint, milestone, team, comment via the Plan action:


    It is implemented separately from bulk update, because we need to solve the dependencies between these fields.

    But we plan to merge the Bulk update with Plan action and support the bulk update of all fields in one place.

    Iulia Andreicut

    OpenText ValueEdge and ALM Octane Functional Architect