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User Defined Defect Turnaround time Field

Status: Archived

We are unable to get the exact Turn around time for defects , which is impacting our SLA monitoring as part of prod support.

In Octane currently we find a field 'Days in Phase' which says for how many days a defect is there in a particular stage/phase .

However our requirement is different. We need the below:


Case 1. For Blocker and Critical defects , (our support is 24*7) , hence we need the TAT to be calculated considering 

How long the defect is assigned to our team 

lets say :

  1. Defect is raised by Client 
  2. defect is assigned to us , 

c.then moved back to Client for additional information and 

d.then again assigned to us and

  1. then fixed by us 
  2. Then assigned back to client 

So ideally the TAT hours should be the cumulative hours it was assigned to us i.e.  b+d+e 


Case 2 . For High, medium, low defects (our support is 10am to 6pm IST), hence the TAT needs to be calculated likewise , and also weekends  and other holidays should not be counted under TAT hours

for eg

  1. A ticket is raised on Friday at 4 pm and assigned to us 
  2. We worked on the defect on Monday and assigned back to Client at 12pm on Tuesday  

So TAT hours should be 2hrs on Friday(4-6pm) + 8 hrs on Monday + 2hrs on Tuesday(10am-12pm) = 12 hrs


For catering to these requirements we need a custom TAT field to setup by Octane admin team .

Please let us know if the requirement is clear , else we can setup a quick call to discuss.

  • This scenario is a bit too specific to be considered a product idea and includes multiple potential enhancements, so archiving this idea for now.
    It seems like this logic can be achieved using webhook business rules or an external script.

    Yael Peisachov

    OpenText ValueEdge and ALM Octane Functional Architect