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ALM Robot problem

I am using ALM robot to copy prod version on a test host, and then to upgrade to ALM version 12.

now i have ALM 11.52, when I use a self-check before copying, error is presented

I completed a customer registration and site administration, what could it be? look at attachment too.


Error: Invalid server response[ERR_SEP]<html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1"/>
<title>Error 404 Not Found</title>
<h2>HTTP ERROR: 404</h2>
<p>Problem accessing /servlet/tdsiteadminservlet/TDAPI_GeneralWebTreatment. Reason:
<pre>    Not Found</pre></p>
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Possible solutions:
1. Register HP Site Administration. Open the ALM destination server via Internet Explorer. Click on the Add-ins or Tools link. Click on HP ALM Client Registration  and select Register HP ALM Site Administration.
2. Remove all previous ALM Site Administration installations and register only a new one.
3.  Open your destination or source ALM server and check if the ALM service is running. If not, open Administrative Tools- > Services and try to re-run the ALM service