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HPQC 10 - Error "The field <RQ_USER_17> cannot be used with requirement type <Non Functional>"

This error occured when running an excel VBA script to populate data to a newly crated user field in the HPQC requirments module. This was newly added requirement user field and I have check the following in the HPQC Customize section:-

1. Created the User field RQ_USER_17 in "Project Entities\Requirement\User Fields" area and set

a) Field type = string length 255 characters

b) Field Label = "NW SAD Reference".


2. Under "Requirement Types" selected "Non Functional" and moved the new field "NW SAD Reference" to the "In Type" list and did not check "Required".



So I don't know why I get this error when trying to post string values to this new field.


The VBA script works fine for all other requirement field updates if I comment out the line that updates this value. The excel VBA script line is shown Below:-


Req.Field("RQ_USER_17") = NWSADCom     <- This line fails with error above



Also tried this which gave the same error massage:

MsgBox Req.Field("RQ_USER_17")


Interestingly I can goto the requirements grid view select this column and update it manually without getting the error message.



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