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In ALM REST based framework, how can we add audits (History tab)

We are developing a REST based framework using ALM REST APIs to auto Execute Test cases.

We're creating Test Run, Read the Steps and Perform actions as per the step and then attach the result to Test Run with REST APIs.

But we couldn't find a way to set user history/audit, attachment history/audit using REST APIs.

I found ALM REST API for fetching audits but PUT is not allowed.

Is there any API that will create an audit or history in ALM, when there is user action with REST API?

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    History/Audit is supposed to be created in ALM server side based on user operations and usually should not be editable.

    Any operations performed by REST API, relevant information is supposed to be audited when the fields are customized as "History" in ALM.

    If not, sounds like a bug to me.

  • ok Roddy, so I need to set few properties (can be fetched using above GET call of audits) to draft in History; unless these parameters are set, we cannot see it in history.

    but how do we set few properties like os-build, os-name, hostname of the machine where ALM resides. Since we are executing in different machine than ALM software resides by using REST APIs

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    Different from ALM client that filling os-build, os-name etc... automatically, if you are using REST APIs to create/update ALM entities, you will have to provide relevant information manually in the request.

  • Thanks Roddy History is getting drafted when we update fields using REST API

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