Idea ID: 2875352

ALM/QC – an option is needed to separate content from large projects

Status: Under Consideration

Large ALM projects consumes a lot of system resources and time for administration (project restore or migration). It would be very helpful to have an option to separate old/unused content from ALM projects.

As discussed in our meeting, by using the SiteAdmin feature “Create a project from an existing project”, the whole content of selected module will be copied to the new project:

One idea could be to enhance the feature by an additional filter options. For example a filter within the module Releases, to select specific or latest releases that are still needed. The copy process should also include all dependencies and linked entities of the selected releases (Requirements, Tests, Test Sets, Runs Defects).

Once the new project is created, the way is free to deactivate the old large project and archive the same.