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Display User Full name

Status: Declined

User Name must remain by defalt as it's unique.

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 Can you auto populate user full name instead of Short name in QC fields?

for example if we create any new requirement/test case/defect for below fields it is showing users short name.

Requirements--> Author
Test Plan--> Designer
Defects--> Detected By

  • I have created some new template user fields for "User Name" which are filled by calling this function:

    Function Template_GetFullName(UserID)
      On Error Resume Next
             'Represents a single server connection to the ALM-Server
             Dim objtdc
             'Customization services Objekt
             Dim objcustomization
             'The collection of all CustomizationUser objects
             Dim objCustUsers
             'Represents a user
             Dim objUser
             'TD-Connection aufbauen
             set objtdc = TDConnection
             Set objcustomization = objtdc.Customization
             Set objCustUsers = objcustomization.Users
             Set objUser = objCustUsers.User(UserID)
             'Vollständigen Namen auslesen und zurückgeben
             Template_GetFullName = objUser.FullName
             Set objtdc = Nothing
             Set objcustomization = Nothing
             Set objCustUsers = Nothing
             Set objUser = Nothing
      On Error GoTo 0
    End Function

    This is call e.g. in Template_Bug_MoveTo, Template_Bug_New,Template_Bug_FieldChange(FieldName) , Test_MoveTo

        if Bug_Fields.Field("BG_DETECTED_BY").Value = "" then
           Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_03").Value = ""
        Elseif Bug_Fields.Field("BG_DETECTED_BY").Value <> "" and Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_03").Value ="" then
           Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_03").Value = Template_GetFullName(Bug_Fields.Field("BG_DETECTED_BY").Value)
        End if
        if Bug_Fields.Field("BG_RESPONSIBLE").Value = "" then
           Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_04").Value = ""
        Elseif Bug_Fields.Field("BG_RESPONSIBLE").Value <> "" and Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_04").Value = "" then
            Bug_Fields.Field("BG_USER_TEMPLATE_04").Value = Template_GetFullName(Bug_Fields.Field("BG_RESPONSIBLE").Value)
        End if

    Works for me

  • ALM/Quality Center use User Name as the unique name for all users.

    The Full Name is visibile when assigning users to any user field or as tooltip one hover