Idea ID: 2875490

improvement ideas related to Business Views Details information in Project Customization

Status: New Idea


At the moment if you view from Project Customization the Details tab of Business View there are only Label and Technical Name information of BV visible.

We would like to see there more informtion, at least these: 

  • the creation date of  BV + who has created the BV
  • modifed date of BV + who had done the modification

Also it would really be beneficial to see the linkage between the BV and the report in Dashboard in order to evaluate the possible impact of the change done to BV. Could there be a new tab 'Linked reports' or something like that? 

Now it is very challenging or almost impossible to follow the lifecycle of BV or do any change impact analysis. Now the only option is to use the Descripition field of BV for documentation which could be automatically populated to Details.