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To create a utility in ALM where we can upload requirement as a part of Story_Acceptance criteria

Status: Declined

Hi , Microfocus Team

As discussed in previous call,can we please have a utility in ALM where we upload requirement as a part of Story_Acceptance criteria.

Also, when we map these requirements(Story_AC) with our TCs in Test Plan, we should get a view/report as well that one or other Test case not mapped with requirements(Story_AC) and vice-versa.

PFB 4 points on which we have to work on:

  1. Upload all stories in the backlog items as a one time activity (with details like DE, FE in each entry) one acceptance criteria per row per story
  2. Find traceability between the uploaded backlog items and the testcases uploaded by us at acceptance criteria level
  3. Have a drilled up report of tests at delivery epic/feature epic level given that we have uploaded them in backlog with details of both DE and FE(FE->DE->Story->AC)
  4. Have a report that can tell me with an automated report, what acceptance criteria/stories are missing from test prep (test lab) given that ALM now has all requirements uploaded? à Can be covered if point 1 and 2 addressed

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