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Two filters in reports to support general procused reports

Status: New Idea

We have more than 12.000 users and several thounsed projects running on our ALM system.
Therfore I have to produce general reports which can be used by all users to produce general/standardized reports.

My challange here is that I have to set filters (e.g. which type of defects are be included in the result, which cross filters have to be used,...)
but the reporter has to add additional filters like release and cycle before executing it.

This is valid for all reports (graph, project,...).

The dream would be that I can allow to change the first/global filter only with a specific role but even the existance of two filters would help a lot to prevent users to delete necessary filters but allow them to add additional filters.

So the major need is to have two seperate filters for all reports which work in parallel to produce the result.

  • You can define the graphs in template project and then propagate them to linked projects. In the linked projects, you will see two filters: Base Filter - defined in template project and cannot be modified, and Filter - user can further update to fulfill his own needs: