How to migrate local users of ALM 12.53 to SSO in ALM 17?



I am trying to migrate ALM 12.53 local users to ALM 17 where we have SSO configured.

With SSO we can see Identity Provider Name, Identity Proider key these fields does not exist in USERS table of ALM 17 schema.

Not sure where these details are stored in database as the project level User table also don't have these details.

Basically I want to migrate users who have valid organization email as SSO user in ALM 17 and rest all should be treated as local users.

so to bulk update users Identity Provider Name and identity key in ALM 17 who have valid email in ALM 12.53, I want to know where in database these details are stored.

I also noticed that for some users the idenity provider name automatically popped as 'alm' with valid email address a when I just imported a ALM 12.53 QCP file and upgraded it via ALM 16. But for some users it is still empty.

Any suggestions for migrating users will be really helpful.


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