[Partner Webinar] : Opentext ALM for QA Testers - Tues Nov 7 at 11:00 ET


Presented By Machine Data Systems, authorized Opentext partner

Ready to learn new ways to save time, increase testing coverage and deliver better software? Mortar board  If your team has testers who could
benefit from some additional ALM training or mentoring, this webinar is for them.

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Whether your testers are new ALM users or have been using it for some time, there's always something in ALM that can save time
and get better results. And sometimes it's not easy to stay up to date on the latest capabilities in the ALM product set.

In this webinar, we discuss how ALM is used on various projects we've worked on, answering practical tester-related questions
and explore some areas and tools in ALM that you may not have seen before.


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