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Act now: Explore your ALM options

ALM/Quality Center, ALM Octane, or ValueEdge platform. Upgrade on premises or go SaaS. You’ve got plenty of options to plan your ALM future:

For on-premises solutions, upgrade to ALM/Quality Center 17.0, which continues to strengthen the strategic areas you’ve asked for!

Alternatively, evolve to ALM Octane for even better end-to-end visibility, DevOps governance and built-in Enterprise Agile functions. Or enjoy effortless upgrades by moving your ALM/Quality Center or ALM Octane environment to SaaS, so you’ll not only always have the latest and greatest versions, but also reduce total cost of ownership. ALM/Quality Center on SaaS gives you consistent experience you are already familiar with, while ValueEdge Quality lets you leverage an AI-powered end-to-end Value Stream Management SaaS platform.

The choice is yours, but don’t forget: support for ALM/Quality Center 15.0.x will end on August 31, 2023.

As you can see, we are dedicated to continuously plan your ALM future. Remember, if your support contract is active, you can upgrade to ALM/Quality Center version 17.0 at no additional cost. Curious? Visit our unique ALM/Quality Center upgrade page to explore all your upgrade options or reach out to our teams of experts outlined hereunder. We are here to help! 


Master your upgrade with the right Support
Maybe you’re handling the upgrade on your own but want a little help. Contact our Customer Support team by chat, phone, or service requests. You can also access the ALM/Quality Center documentation, support forums, patch downloads, and more.

Need some reinforcements? Our Micro Focus Premium Support plan enhances your Micro Focus Business Support with ongoing problem resolution, technical guidance, and strategic support—all from a team of named and dedicated software experts and account managers.

Or if you just need some short-term support, Micro Focus Flexible Credits give you access to upgrade resources, on-site troubleshooting, assessments, and even e-learning.

Contact our Support Representatives to find out how we can support you.

Professional Services

Leave the upgrades to Professional Services
We know you want the latest product innovations but might not want to spend time on upgrades. A software upgrade is not only an opportunity to benefit from the latest product innovation, but it´s also a chance to evaluate your long-term strategy for operating the solution either on-premises or cloud.

Our Micro Focus Professional Services ALM/Quality Center experts apply proven migration methodology, accelerators, and best practices for seamless upgrades.

The Professional Services ALM/Quality Center upgrade program covers the following:

  • Discovery workshops to evaluate upgrade options
  • Assess your environment in advance of the upgrade to ensure there are no obstacles
  • Understand and define the scope and benefits of your upgrade to ALM/Quality Center 16  
  • Validate architecture, configuration, and integrations
  • Deliver on-premises upgrades or cloud migration for you
  • Knowledge transfer, production cut-over, and post-production support 

The post upgrade Professional Services team can also help manage the long-term maintenance of your environment. Let us help you with your ALM/Quality Center upgrade. Contact us for a personalized discussion about your environment.


Micro Focus Education services help you to drive real value from your software investments and IT solutions. From Digital Learning, available on-demand at your convenience, to public or private classes taught by a skilled instructor, providing your workforce with access to continuous learning opportunities lets them stay current, be productive, and provide greater business value. View our available courses, or contact us to learn more.


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