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Agentless monitoring meets cloud load testing: StormRunner Load with SiteScope

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Guest post by Nurit Guthrie, software engineer

The first integration of StormRunner Load with a monitoring tool was with Micro Focus SiteScope monitor. This integration provides the means to see basic machine metrics on the customer’s servers while running a load test. The next evolution was introduced in StormRunner Load v.1.5.  This update enabled customers who already utilized SiteScope to define SiteScope metrics that were of interest to them, and see them during a load test run. This blog aims to help you learn about this new integration and how to use it.

What is SiteScope?

SiteScope is agentless monitoring software that monitors availability and performance across distributed infrastructures. These infrastructures include servers, applications, operating systems, network devices, and services.

Why should you use it?

SiteScope provides you with a wide range of metrics to monitor your application. Having the ability to view all of these metrics during load enables you not only to identify failures in your system using StormRunner Load, but also to identify the root cause of those failures using the metrics that you defined in your on-premises SiteScope instance.

How do I use this feature?

In this feature, data from SiteScope is streamed to the StormRunner Load agent. The agent continuously sends metadata about the metrics to StormRunner Load, so that the user can select metrics from SiteScope while designing a load test. During runtime, the agent streams the data of the selected metrics to StormRunner Load’s runtime components.

To see the data from SiteScope in StormRunner Load, you need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Install a StormRunner Load on-premises agent. Configuration of this agent includes the username and password for connecting to StormRunner Load and a port to receive data from SiteScope.
  2. In SiteScope, define a data integration. The configuration includes the option to choose which monitors you want to see in StormRunner Load and where to send that data (that is, the agent installed in the previous step).

 SiteScope for Load Testing.png

Once data from SiteScope is flowing, you can define an on-premises SiteScope monitor in StormRunner Load. You can also select the metrics that are relevant for the test you are going to run.StormRunner Load new member.png



When your load test is running, you can view the SiteScope metrics under the Monitors tab in the dashboard.StormRunner Load Display.png



This information allows you to truly understand the current status of your load test.

You can begin using this capability for yourself with StormRunner Load with SiteScope monitoring capabilities.