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ALM Octane CP7 is Now Released!

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Implementing Enterprise Agile and DevOps, requires a solution that helps you to identify the gaps in your delivery pipeline while ensuring quality across the application development. 

ALM Octane CP7 brings new enterprise readiness capabilities that help you to manage and optimize your delivery pipelines, enabling you to provide high-quality applications continuously.

It is very key to have high collaboration, integration, and automation in every step of the pipeline. Visibility and enterprise scalability plus governance and traceability. Did I forget anything? Yes, quality is also key to ensure success in your application delivery and time to market.

To help with that, we focus on four key areas in this ALM Octane release:

  • Enterprise readiness
  • Agile quality and testing management
  • Pipeline management and Continuous Integration
  • Usability

 Pipeline pix.png

 ALM Octane CP7 highlights

Here are some key highlights; for more information on ALM Octane CP7, check the release notes.

Enterprise readiness

Enterprise organizations require scalability and governance. In this release, we brought capabilities to manage access to data based on teams and roles. We also enhanced email templates to fit compliance needs and GDPR capabilities.

 Enterprise readiness pix.png

Agile quality and testing management

  • New capabilities to expand visibility in the test results were added.
  • When running a manual test, you can easily mark down the findings and add comments.
  • Additional functionality to manage DevSecOps and more robust integration with functional testing (Unified Functional Testing and StormRunner Functional was also added.
  • And, you can now add test assignment rules to automatically populate automated tests.
  • ALM Octane now recommends who to assign defects to be fixed.

Automated assignment defect.png

Pipeline management and Continuous Integration

New board view to manage epics and requirements are now available, and support to the pipeline as code with multi-branch support.

Now supporting Bamboo 6, TFS 2015 as a CI server, you can modify items when working in the ALM Octane plugin for Eclipse.

Pipeline Branching pix.png


There new capabilities to increase collaboration and “easy to use” that was added in ALM Octane CP7. For new users, we added the “call out” functionality to help with adoption, and high contrast mode screen.
CallOut pix.png

High contrast mode.png

We will be publishing additional blogs, in the next few weeks, with details about the key features for this release. Stay Tune!


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