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ValueEdge Functional Test 24.1 is Here!

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New enhancements have just arrived to OpenText ValueEdge Functional Test, a new groundbreaking testing solution. OpenText has recently rolled out a series of capabilities that promise to redefine the way functional testing is conducted. Let's delve into five of these new features that are set to make for an even better testing experience. 

1. Test Parameters and Data Sets

ValueEdge Functional Test now empowers users to extract even more value from codeless tests by offering the ability to run them with various combinations of data. This functionality opens the door to comprehensive testing scenarios, allowing testers to assess how the application performs under different conditions.

This advancement enables you to increase the coverage of your tests, offering a more intuitive and efficient testing process. With the flexibility to experiment with diverse datasets, teams can ensure that their applications are robust and resilient across a spectrum of real-world usage scenarios. 

2. Enhanced User Experience: Streamlined Test Creation and Editing

You can now add a step and see how it runs on the application in a single click. Adding this single-click functionality streamlines the test creation process, reducing the time and effort required to build comprehensive test suites. Additionally, we have introduced more visual cues and improved flexibility when editing conditions, which further amplifies the efficiency of the testing workflow. 

3. Digital Lab Advancements: On-Demand Device Cleanup and Automatic Browser Version Updates

ValueEdge Functional Test's Digital Lab has also received significant updates to streamline post-test processes. Users can now easily clean devices after test execution, ensuring a clean slate for subsequent tests. This not only contributes to a more organized testing environment but also minimizes the potential for interference from residual data.

Moreover, as soon as a new browser version is released, the testing platform will automatically incorporate it, providing users with the latest testing capabilities without delay. This proactive approach ensures that testing teams can stay ahead of the curve and be well-prepared for the constant evolution of web browsers. 

4. MBT Enhancements

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a popular de-facto standard for representing business processes graphically. MBT can import BPMN files as a model. In this release, we further added the capability to convert parallel activities in a BPMN file to a serial chain, simplifying the process and ensuring better coverage. Additionally, MBT now supports  data sets. 

5. Execution Enhancements

You can now add two new widgets to the Overview tab. They enable you to view a summary of recent statuses per schedule and analyze statuses over time.

The upgraded schedule board now allows you to filter schedules up to -/+7 days, allowing you to easily align testing schedules. In the Scheduled Runs board view, you can now choose the duration to display. By default the board view shows the last 24 hours and the next 24 hours, but you can now choose to show the last 72 hours to the next 72 hours, or the last 7 days to the next 7 days. Additionally, you also have the capability to duplicate a scheduled run.

The recent updates to ValueEdge Functional Test mark a significant leap forward in the realm of software testing. With features catering to both codeless testing aficionados and those seeking a more seamless user experience, ValueEdge Functional Test remains at the forefront of testing solutions, empowering QA professionals to tackle the challenges of modern software testing head-on.


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