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Cencora resolves performance issues earlier with LoadRunner Enterprise

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The importance of performance testing cannot be overstated. Poor application performance doesn’t simply mean frustrated customers and lost profits; it could potentially mean patients’ lives are affected.

Cencora understood this firsthand.  They needed a performance testing tool that would help them deliver applications fast amid growing business needs, after discovering defects late in the application life cycle which affected timelines and raised costs. 

This is why they put their trust in OpenTextTm LoadRunner Enterprise.

“We use it because it’s the best, to be honest. It’s the best tool out there,” says Josh Bloomer, director of shared services, performance, Cencora

One of the reasons Cencora chose LoadRunner Enterprise was because it was the only tool that could test everything they needed to test—from SAP and Salesforce to homegrown applications.

“When you look at competitors in the field, many of them are still five, ten years behind what LoadRunner already has today,” said Josh Bloomer.

Cencora also claims LoadRunner is by far the most well-known tool in the industry—which makes staffing easier for them than with any other tool.

With the help of LoadRunner Enterprise, Cencora was able to increase application performance by more than 98 percent. They also saved money, optimized the quality of service, and gained peace of mind about software quality.

“The flexibility and breadth of the solution also helps us ensure compliance with federal guidelines, which is huge,” Josh Bloomer reflected. “In my opinion, LoadRunner Enterprise is a must if you want to ensure stability and performance in your applications.”

To learn more about the business challenges faced by Cencora and the benefits they gained using LoadRunner Enterprise, watch the full customer video.


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