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Cloud for AWS Codeless Scripting

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Greetings from the LoadRunner Product Management Team!

With the release of LoadRunner 24.1, we have added exciting new functionality to our newest protocol, Cloud for AWS. Cloud for AWS (first released with LoadRunner 23.1) was inspired by customer requests and allows testing the performance of Amazon Simple Queue Services.  Now in LoadRunner 24.1, when using Cloud for AWS, there is a new tool that supports a new codeless option when creating and updating Cloud for AWS scripts, even when offline. Codeless scripting provides increased efficiency and simplified script creation along with reduced script maintenance by manipulating familiar items in a GUI rather than creating code. 

Cloud for AWS now incorporates a new script generator tool. This tool will allow Cloud for AWS scripts to easily be created and updated, even when AWS SQS is unavailable. The design of this tool also permits for true codeless script creation by using the tool’s interface to manipulate built-in items that are specific to both AWS SQS and LoadRunner. When using the new script generator tool, three panes are presented – a left, middle, and right pane.

  1. The left pane displays all items that can be added to the script, specific to both AWS and LoadRunner.
  2. The right pane displays all items that have already been added to the script.
  3. The middle pane displays the editable properties for both AWS and LoadRunner items.


After building a new script, or editing an existing script, code generation takes place to seamlessly create a fully functioning script that can then be used as part of an AWS SQS application performance test.

To learn more about the Cloud for AWS protocol please visit the following link:

Cloud for AWS

We hope you enjoy this new capability! Cloud for AWS is part of the LoadRunner community edition, give it a try and let us know your feedback!

Best Wishes,
Jer and the LoadRunner Team!


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