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Connecting ALM/QC with Jira - 5 Benefits you shouldn’t miss

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win win_2_1.jpgWhile the test management capabilities of Micro Focus ALM/ Quality Center (ALM/QC) and Atlassian Jira’s strength in agile planning/tracking complement each other, synching them up wasn’t easy. Now, customers can easily integrate ALM/QC, Jira, and many other popular tools using Micro Focus Connect.

This smoother sync delivers five key benefits, as this video explains.

Gain complete visibility

When multiple related application projects run in parallel, with some teams using ALM/QC and others using Jira or others, overall visibility of the whole application across teams is crucial. Synching data to ALM/QC creates a central point of truth and enables complete visibility of test progress, coverage, and a percentage of which requirements are ready.

Leverage current investments

QA and testers enjoy the high productivity of ALM/QC and over time, companies have committed many resources in building requirements, tests, workflows, processes, and customizations in the same solution. Often, these organizations must retain historical data for auditing purposes. The new ALM/QC and Jira integration mean they can continue leveraging these investments.

Even with increased test automation, the efficiency of centralized testing by sharing test cases, and reusing scripts and data makes sense. By centrally managing tests with ALM/QC, existing test assets remain relevant, regardless of development methodology.

Consolidate data for advanced analytics

Companies often store business-critical data separately in various tools, and can’t see the big picture. Micro Focus Connect instantly syncs multiple application lifecycle tools. This way, ALM/QC can easily connect teams who are using different tools such as Jira, Azure DevOps, and others. The consolidated lifecycle data can then be subject to the advanced analytics of ALM/QC or exported to any analytics tool.

Collaborate across teams and roles

Application development projects demand collaboration from multiple roles, and all want to use their preferred tool, which can cause team segregation. While QA, PMs, and testers prefer ALM/QC, development teams love Jira. Micro Focus Connect can synchronize all these tools to enable better collaboration.

Easily expand the toolchain

The word ‘toolchain’ has grown in popularity as more companies implement DevOps, but pre-defined, ‘oven-ready’ toolchains lack flexibility, and creating something bespoke is too costly. The rich portfolio of connectors within Micro Focus Connect makes including ALM/QC in a toolchain and building a variety of toolchains without programming or projects a simple process.

Check out this video, and realize the benefits from now!


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