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Debunking common myths about OpenText performance engineering solutions

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There are some misconceptions around OpenTextTm performance engineering solutions, and we’d like to set the record straight. Even though we receive tons of positive feedback, sometimes we are faced with negative claims that are simply not true. 

Do you have all the facts? 

Myth 1: Scripting is complicated

Throughout the years, we’ve created new protocols to make scripting simpler, easier to maintain, and generally faster. With our virtual user generator, VuGen, you can easily create, record, correlate, replay, and enhance scripts for more effective load testing. 

Myth 2: Not fully integrated with continuous testing

Our performance engineering solutions embrace an open approach to your broader ecosystem with extensive integrations to enable continuous testing. They also have dozens of built-in integrations across IDE, CI/CD, open source, monitoring, and source-code management tools. 

For the full list of integrations, see the brochure. 

Myth 3: Takes too long to set up a test

Set up and run tests in minutes with a completely cloud native solution that eliminates infrastructure management. OpenText LoadRunner Cloud automatically creates tests on demand making testing easy and seamless. 

Myth 4: Not 100% open source compatible

Our performance engineering solutions support many common open source tools such as JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, JUnit, and NUnit. Not only work do they work in conjunction with open source tools, they also enhance them. Speed up test efforts by maximizing these resources and reusing assets. 

Myth 5: Not suited for every team member

All of our products have features and capabilities that enable different personas to use the tools and their skills. OpenText performance engineering solutions include the following:

Myth 6: Difficult to scale

Test applications with more than five million virtual users from geographic locations around the world in a matter of minutes. Our cloud native performance engineering solution is designed to handle massive scale—no additional hardware required. 

Myth 7: Do not have comprehensive analytics

You can empower your teams with our data visualization capabilities, enabling them to view data, manipulate it, and make the right decision. Easily interpret the test results to identify the performance profile of the application, and then determine the mitigation options with intuitive analytics. 

Myth 8: Too outdated

To ensure that our solutions are up to your expectations, we continually enhance them using customer suggestions. These ongoing features and enhancements, as well as an open architecture, allows our performance engineering solutions to evolve. 

Don’t just listen to us, listen to our customers! 

“LoadRunner should be recognized as the best solution in game performance testing… We’re confident that the reliability of the results we get from LoadRunner is second to none.” – Kim Byung Su, CEO at Ntrance Corp 

Download the full myth busters ebook today! 

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Visit our Better Testing Starts Here web page for more information about how OpenText software testing solutions outrun, outsmart, and outperform the competition.


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