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Eliminating Machine Management Hassles

by   in DevOps Cloud (ADM)

There are a dozen cool new capabilities included in the latest version of UFT Digital Lab. Among my favorites, and one that will certainly ease headaches for functional testers everywhere is the new ability to run tests on a variety of browsers and versions at the same time from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

What does this mean?

Previously, IT teams have been burdened with having to maintain browser-specific machines solely for testing purposes, and given the amount of browser versions that are out there, that could be a lot of machines depending how deep the IT team wants to test. Imagine you want to test your app on the three latest versions of Chrome. Fine, no big deal. But also take into account browsers can be region specific around the world, so there will potentially be additional machines needed to test those versions based on location. Now repeat that with Edge, Firefox, Explorer, so forth, and you can start to see why not being able to test all of these in one place is such a pain. 

UFT Digital Lab has entered the chat!

Not only does UFT Digital Lab give you the ability to streamline browser testing coverage, but you can do this on the cloud - so with internet access, from anywhere in the world. It allows testers to enjoy parallel and fast automated test execution with outstanding performance. Forget about dealing with infrastructure - this new ability within UFT Digital Lab is all you need for cloud browser testing. 

...and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to watch an overview of all the new capabilities included in the latest release of UFT Digital Lab.


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