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Exploring New Horizons with OpenText ValueEdge™︎ Functional Test

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Functional testing is ever evolving, and ValueEdgeTm Functional Test is at the forefront helping you stay ahead of the curve. With its latest release, it brings a host of new capabilities that promise to make your testing process more efficient and effective than ever before. In this blog, we'll dive into these exciting new features and discuss how they can benefit your testing efforts.

Enhanced Visibility

New dashboard widgets provide valuable insights into your testing process. These widgets let you get insights into your execution engine status, defined runners, and license consumption. With these widgets at your disposal, you can keep a close eye on the health of your testing environment and ensure efficient resource allocation.

 On-Prem Git Repository Integration

If your organization has strict security requirements, the ability to connect to an on-premise Git repository behind a firewall is a game-changer. This feature enables seamless integration with your existing infrastructure while maintaining the highest level of data security. It empowers your team to collaborate on test scripts and version control with confidence.

Add and Run a Step While Designing a Test

As you develop your script, you can add a step from the 'inspection' window while simultaneously performing the step on the actual application.

Selectable Visibility Timeframe:

Different testing scenarios may require different levels of visibility into test execution. With the new visibility timeframe options of 24 hours or 48 hours, you can tailor your monitoring to match your project's needs. This flexibility ensures that you have access to the right data when you need it, without cluttering your dashboard with unnecessary information.

BPT to Model-Based Test Migration:

For organizations who have Business Process Testing (BPT), ValueEdge Functional Test can  help simplify this process.  Using the  BPT Test Downloader utility,  simplifies the migration process by facilitating the conversion of BPT tests into a model-based format. This transition can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your testing process, helping you keep up with evolving testing methodologies.


The new ValueEdge Functional test capabilities open up a world of possibilities for software testers and quality assurance professionals. With features like real-time step addition, enhanced script management, insightful dashboard widgets, Git repository integration, adjustable visibility timeframes, and BPT to Model-Based Testing migration, you can expect your testing process to become more efficient, effective, and adaptable to the evolving needs of your organization.

 As the software testing landscape continues to evolve, embracing these new capabilities ensures that you are well-equipped to deliver high-quality software with confidence. Value Edge Functional Test remains at the forefront of testing tools, providing you with the tools and features you need to excel in today's dynamic software development environment.


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