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Exploring the best new capabilities of UFT One 24.2

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In order to stay ahead of the curve and ensure efficient and effective testing, you have to be sure you can test the latest version of business-critical apps. With the latest updates to UFT One, an industry-leading test automation solution, testers are equipped to do just that. Let's delve into these additions and explore how they can help organizations approach software testing. 

The SAP environment 

First and foremost, UFT One now boasts the ability to test SAP Business Suite 4 SAP Hana 2023, significant for any organizations utilizing SAP. With this capability, testers can seamlessly automate testing processes within the SAP environment, ensuring thorough validation of critical business processes and functionalities. By integrating SAP testing into the UFT One framework, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, reduce manual effort, and accelerate the delivery of high-quality SAP applications. 

Microsoft Access 

Another noteworthy enhancement is the support for 64-bit Microsoft Access database testing. This addition expands UFT One's compatibility with a wider range of databases, empowering testers to efficiently validate database-driven applications and ensure data integrity across different platforms. With seamless integration with Microsoft Access, testers can easily design and execute database tests, perform data-driven testing, and uncover potential issues before they impact end users. This capability not only enhances testing accuracy but also simplifies database testing processes, ultimately leading to faster release cycles and improved software quality. 

Test on even more modern applications 

Furthermore, UFT One now offers comprehensive support for testing WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WinForms .NET 7 and 8 applications. This expansion broadens UFT One's applicability to a diverse array of desktop applications built on the .NET framework, enabling testers to automate UI testing, perform regression testing, and validate complex user interactions with ease. By providing robust support for modern application technologies, UFT One empowers organizations to keep pace with evolving development trends and ensure the seamless functionality of their desktop applications across different environments and platforms. 

In conclusion, the latest enhancements to UFT One represent a leap forward in the realm of software testing, equipping testers with the tools needed to keep pace. From SAP testing to database validation and desktop application testing, UFT One offers a comprehensive solution for automating testing processes and ensuring the delivery of high-quality software. By leveraging these new capabilities, organizations can streamline testing workflows, reduce time-to-market, and achieve greater confidence in the reliability and performance of their applications. 

For more information, or for a full list of new enhancements, see this blog. 

If you have more questions, see the UFT One 24.2 Help Center. 

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