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Forrester names Micro Focus ValueEdge as a Strong Performer

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Forrester is out with their Value Stream Management (VSM) Wave, and I’m pleased to report that it names our ValueEdge VSM Platform as a strong performer. The Forrester WaveTm: Value Stream Management Solutions, Q4 2022 notes that ValueEdge’s on-par scores in nearly every criterion “is commendable given that the product has only been on the market since early 2022.”


While new on the market, ValueEdge already has a strong user community and partner ecosystem, receiving the highest score in the partner ecosystem criterion. At a functional level, the Wave notes that ValueEdge “earned high scores for correlating business and performance and value metrics”, which we believe are essential capabilities for maximizing the flow of value across a digital value stream (DVS).


Why are VSM platforms so important? Forrester’s Christopher Condo, author of the VSM Wave, notes in the report, "By applying VSM across planning, development, and release, execs tell us that they can finally get the data they need to calculate time to market, find bottlenecks, and begin their journey toward determining value delivered."


ValueEdge enables this by imparting three capabilities across end-to-end digital value streams. First, it instruments the DVS and surfaces flow and waste metrics on a single-pane-of-glass, no matter the underlying tool chains. Second, it accelerates onerous activities, from defining portfolio and work plans, to dev, to test and assurance, to DevOps and deployment, to production ops. Third, it orchestrates the flow of value from demand to delivery, thereby aligning everyone involved with the DVS on the delivery of maximum value and agility.


Bottom line, the Wave summarizes ValueEdge this way: “All in all, this is a solid offering for enterprises with few weaknesses.”


Read the full Forrester Wave report to learn more about what Forrester analysts say about ValueEdge and the advice they have for customers looking for VSM software providers now.


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