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2022 Gartner®︎ Innovation Insight for Performance Engineering

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High user expectations about the performance and availability of business-critical applications have increased the need for performance engineering. A new Gartner report on performance engineering provides key findings and recommendations to mitigate risks.

Here are some highlights from the report:

Go Beyond Performance Testing

Performance testing alone cannot solve performance challenges. Software engineering leaders must always consider real user experience. Performance engineering is a systematic approach that involves practices, activities, and techniques that occur throughout the software development lifecycle. This approach helps to mitigate performance risks before they become a problem. With performance engineering, teams can identify future “trouble spots” that do not currently present an issue.

Bridge the Skills Gap

Many development teams lack the skills to find and fix performance issues. Flaws in design, architecture, implementation, and configuration account for many of these issues. To quickly fix them, performance engineers must have a broad set of skills in software testing, data engineering, systems monitoring, and observability. Gartner states, “They may also need to contribute to business continuity planning as part of an overall disaster recovery strategy, be knowledgeable about cloud infrastructure and configuration settings, and be able to adapt proactively to production telemetry.” Identifying the required skills and finding the right staff is critical for improving user experience.

Set User Experience Goals

According to Gartner,Software engineering leaders struggle to deliver on the expectations of the business regarding the system availability, reliability, scalability and performance of business-critical applications required for improving user experience.” To improve end-user experience and satisfaction, set clear goals that align with the priorities of the business. Teams should foster a proactive strategy that ensures performance is an explicit requirement and verifies performance goals are met.

See the Benefits of Performance Engineering

By implementing Gartner recommendations, software engineering leaders can achieve:

  • Tighter integration with DevOps and the infrastructure and operations process.
  • Increased revenue and profits with better conversions.
  • Improved end-user experience and satisfaction.

The full report includes the benefits and uses of performance engineering, technical and organizational risks of adoption, and recommendations for software engineering leaders.

Read Gartner Innovation Insight for Performance Engineering today.

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